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This site exists to serve freelance writers, small business owners, social media consultants and anyone who wants to learn to build, manage and grow their digital image in order to help gain exposure, clients/customers and to eventually grow their bottom line.

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We’ll teach you how to succeed (and what NOT to do when it comes to online publishing), blogging, social media marketing and more – and, we’ll share general publishing and market-related news, along with groundbreaking case studies and proven ways to build, manage and grow your digital presence. 

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About Our Editor

ang3Since 2005, OWP editor-in-chief Angela Atkinson has been making her living online through blogging, freelance writing, social media marketing and more. She is also the author of more than 22 books – another way she makes a living writing online.

Online Writing Pro is Atkinson’s attempt to pay-forward her success – to share her secrets and knowledge about how to succeed online as a writer.

In her coaching business, our editor offers private coaching sessions to qualified bloggers.

If private coaching is outside your budget, we get it. We were broke writers one time, too, and that’s why we offer so many free and inexpensive (but MOSTLY free) options for self-training right here on the site.

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