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OWP News: Sexism in Publishing, When to Tweet and More

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Joanne Harris highlights sexism in the publishing industry in string of tweets – Telegraph – “”No man in publishing is ever described as ‘juggling’ anything,” she said. “His work is art. Women’s work is a hobby.”” Telegraph
Can Digital TV Save Digital Publishing? – “The printed Times, with now half as many paying readers as the digital version, took in about $50 million a month in advertising revenue. The Times currently has 1.5 million paying readers in print and digital, the same total of readers it had for an exclusively print product 20 years ago — at that time it was taking in more than $100 million a month in advertising.” Continue Reading →

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Get an Honest, Verified Kindle Review From Fiverr: Rare Opportunity for Broke Authors

A rare opportunity to promote your Kindle ebooks professionally for next to nothing.

Are you a starving artist? A broke writer? A creative soul, held back by the constraints of not getting any attention to your Kindle ebook? Well, I’m about to change all of that for you. If you know me personally, you know I’m all about paying it forward. Continue Reading →

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Creative Commons Licensing Now Available at


Big news for writers! has partnered up with Creative Commons, which means we might soon have access to some new free images to use with our articles and blog posts. According to the company’s website, its authors “have always owned the rights to the original content they publish here. However, some have argued persuasively for the ability to choose a license for their work other than All rights reserved.” “It may seem esoteric, but there is significant value in this,” the site continues.  “Ideas are most useful when they’re built upon and combined with others. Continue Reading →

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Danica Davidson on Kids and Minecraft Novels


MTV journlist slash Minecraft novelist Danica Davidson was recently featured in Forbes magazine to discuss both her work and the effects it has on children. Check out the full story at the link at the end of this article. With the recent sale of Minecraft for $2.5 B to Microsoft, the brand is in no danger of losing steam. Its even expanded into toys, film, and books. Recently, I had the privilege to speak to the author of one of the Minecraft novels on the market, MTV journalist Danica Davidson. Her day job may be covering social justice issues at MTV, but when she comes home at night she authors Minecraft novels. Continue Reading →

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