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Kindle Writer’s Toolbox: 10 Powerful Productivity Tools I Use Every Day


“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” ~Confucius

Since launching my Great Kindle Publishing Experiment, I’ve been doing tons of research and refinement when it comes to getting stuff done. I need to be productive, but sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I’m exactly the opposite. See, I’m doing a LOT of stuff right now work-wise, between my online ezine, writing and publishing my Kindle books and running my various other projects- and that’s just the professional side of life. Anyhoo, since I’m so busy and my mind moves pretty fast, I tend to have all of these great ideas and thoughts and plans that fall by the wayside eventually because I think I’ll remember to write it down and never do. Continue Reading →

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Amanda Hocking Case Study: 3 Early Secrets to Her Kindle Publishing Success

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According to Kindle author Amanda Hocking, if you’re going to succeed in the Kindle ebook publishing market, you’ve got to have more than passion; you’ve got to have a serious work ethic. Hocking ought to know – she’s the most recent in just a few authors who found themselves selling more than $1m in ebooks via’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Learn about the Great Kindle Publishing Experiment

This is the second in a series I’m working on to study Hocking’s success – you can read the first one right here – it’s called Amanda Hocking: Talented Super-Writer or Lucky Duck? and it offers a brief rundown of her story, if you’re not familiar with it. As we continue the study, we’re looking today at what Hocking learned from years of getting rejected by editors and agents. Rejected, Revise, Repeat: The Success Mindset

Hocking writes that early in her career, she found herself submitting novel after novel to traditional publishers and receiving rejection after rejection. Continue Reading →

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