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Sweet-Spot: Amanda Hocking on Choosing a Profitable Kindle eBook Niche

amanda hocking

Welcome to the fourth installment in the Amanda Hocking case study series. I’ve been studying Hocking’s career in order to learn and share the steps she took that led her to her significant level of success in Kindle ebook publishing (and later, signing a traditional book deal with a “real” publisher). (more…) Continue Reading →

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The Great Kindle Publishing Experiment


After having made my living online for the past decade, I know a thing or two about what to do (and what not to do) to be successful. But now as I begin a new leg of the online publishing and writing journey, I have decided to launch this new blog in order to both keep track of it (to journal the experience) and to share what I learn with my fellow writers along the way. So why should you care what I’ve got to say? Let me offer a few good reasons. 1. Continue Reading →

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